December 17, 2009

I fail at blogging.


Revlon Colorstay foundation in natural beige
MSF in light
Fever blush for eyebrows
blues from coastal scents palette
NYX concealer for scales

Electric eel
Vanilla pigment (MAC)
NYX eyeshadow base in white
coastal scents palette
Miss Arodo #600 lashes
NYX seafoam green eyeliner

NYX soft brown lip liner
MAC instant gold lipgloss

November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

November 17, 2009

Meteor Shower

last night at the beach. loved it!

November 14, 2009

i said i would

and i did! here is a look i did on a friend tonight with the NYX palette :D

November 11, 2009

i hate you english homework.
i have no update. :(

November 05, 2009


yep, you can also see this posted on (very soon...because i still need to post)

no swatches yet, i quickly swatched but im sure the colors will be very vibrant once added over a base, so I will post some looks using these later in the next couple weeks and give some feedback on these awesome new NYX palettes! I'm excitedddddddd :)

November 03, 2009

November 02, 2009

"Feeling so distant

from everyone I have known, to make everyone happy I think I would need a clone"

EYES: Nylon, Vanilla, and Sketch
LIPS: Russian Red
CHEEKS: Harmony

(like you can tell anyway....but in case you were curious)

November 01, 2009

Last night,

was great, hit up a halloween party with my friends, and day light savings really did help a great evening last even longer :)

October 31, 2009

October 29, 2009


how good does this look? and im not even a cake person, but that really gets me craving some
ive got to say, boba is probably my most favorite thing ever right now, disappointed theres no school tuesday because i wont get to drive out to get some ):

and i REALLY want to rock this hairstyle! i think it will be the next makeup look im going to do... :) love it.

October 26, 2009

spending the afternoon with Shakespeare.

October 21, 2009

been way too long!

wow haven't posted on here for a while, i guess i wasn't lying when i said i was getting lazy.
anyway, a quick update for now, i've recently began using these websites, so feel free to follow me!
i feel like that would give me way more motivation to actually start using these sites, so stop by and say hello (:

April 11, 2009

its like i got a hangover...and i can't get you out of my head.

im getting lazy with my blog. i know it's because i haven't spread the word, but wutev.
i made a facebook last night, and i wont shuttupppp about it. hahahaha, its weird and takes
a lot of getting used to...but yeah

& i love organic peanut butter (:

thats all. <3

April 06, 2009

im available, so comeeeeeeeee and get me!
love the flo-rida/akon song... hahah
today was wack, practically drove around the entire valley...literally
just make a biiiiiiiig circle and ended up back home. lame! waste of gas and makeup,
but whuuuuuuut can ya do.
i did a classic "pin up" look today, of course i dont look like a pin up (too bad...)
but this is one of my favorite looks to rock anywhere...

i wish there had been something interesting to do today, but oh well.
spriiiiiiiiing break bitches! :)

April 04, 2009

never thought i would get this way, but honestly twilight hasn't left my head since i finished watching it a couple hours ago. the way edward is portrayed in the movie makes it unbelievably difficult to realize that in reality... guys barely measure up to him. what i would do for a guy like that...and that fucking hot, dddddddamn. bella's one lucky bish. grrrrrrr

April 03, 2009

so, i decided i'd start a blog today, out of boredom. i'm pretty much going to post just about anything i feel is worthy to talk about. all i've been looking at today has been make-up looks and theres a couple looks i found that i am absoloutely in loveeeee with

im pretty much a sucker for a neutral eye and a bold, matte red lip. I'd have to say my favorite red lipstick is Russian Red from M.A.C, im almost out and desperate for another tube.

Rihanna has never looked so gorgeous rocking the red lippie it!